Smart Ways To Enhance Cooling And Spend Less On Energy Bills

If you are using centralized air conditioning, it is safe to assume that you are likely to spend more money than those using small window air conditioners. However, you can reduce the cost of cooling your homes and offices if you apply some of the sensible tips below.

Air Conditioning Tips for Cost-Effective Cooling

The tips below will help you enjoy cool summers without breaking the bank.

Go for Energy Star Products

One way to ensure you spend less on your air conditioning is to go for Energy Star products. All A/Cs with the energy star rating consume less energy than the ones without this rating. Meanwhile, these air conditioners work as efficiently as the ones without the energy star rating. The only difference is that these use less energy to get the job done. In fact, centralized A/Cs with the Energy Star rating use about 14% less energy, while the window units use approximately 10% less energy than the conventional window units.

If you are considering replacing your old air conditioners, you should consider energy star products. Now, these ones might cost more than the conventional ones, but this should not discourage you. The truth is that energy star products will save you money in the long term because you will spend much less on energy bills.

Thermostat Settings

One smart way to reduce energy consumption is to install programmable thermostats to control the temperature in your rooms. It is smart to set the temperature a bit lower than the usual room temperature. This smart move keeps your rooms cool without overworking the cooling system. Note that any sudden temperature changes lead to more energy consumption. For this reason, you should always maintain a constant temperature as much as possible.

Another smart move is to set the temperature a bit lower than the temperature outdoors. In this case, 85 degrees is just fine. When you are away from the house, you don’t even need to cool your rooms. You can always adjust the temperature to suit your needs when you are home.

Ventilation, Insulation, and Glazing

To ensure that you don’t lose coolness in your rooms, it is important that all vents are properly sealed. If the vents in your basement are not sealed, the cool air will escape from your rooms, and the whole purpose of cooling will be defeated.

Again, insulation is an important part of the heating and cooling process. Look around the house and ensure there are no cracks and crevices anywhere in your house. Air drafts into or out of the home will undo all the good work you are trying to do, and this is why insulation is vital.

When it comes to your windows, a bit of innovation will help you. You can use tinted glasses, glaze your window panes or go for UV reflective coatings. These smart ideas will keep the heat out of your homes, and this means you save more on energy bills.

Limit Heat Generation During The Day

Your cooling systems keep your homes comfortable by removing the heat and replacing it with cool air. However, you can help your cooling units by taking some proactive steps. Just minimize your usage of heat-generating appliances during the day because this will make your air conditioner function better. Bright lights, computers, ovens, and other home appliances heat up your home. By limiting your usage of these appliances, your rooms will be cooler, and your air conditioner will not have to work too hard.

Home D├ęcor

Using the right paint, furniture and curtains can help you enhance the cooling process. Light-colored paint for exterior walls and shaded upholstery in the house will give you a cooling effect. Again, moving heavy furniture away from A/C vents will improve the circulation of cool air in your home.

Using ceiling fans is a smart way to cool your home without spending too much money. Use these fans when the weather is not too hot and watch your energy bills go south.

Home Exteriors

Plant flowers and trees around the home because these plants keep your rooms cool in a safe and natural way. Again, you can place the A/C condenser units in a place that ensures that all the hot air is flushed out completely.