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Chicago Reader

WOTN is focused on intersectional feminism and is open to all femme-identified, nonbinary cis and trans people. The group's founder and creative director, Layne Marie Williams, moved to Chicago almost two years ago and brought WOTN with her. Prior to that she lived in Philadelphia, where she studied acting and founded the Women's Film Festival. 

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Reel Chicago

The East Coast networking collective “Women of the Now” will bring its passion for empowering female filmmakers to Chicago with an upscale carnival-themed event entitled “Femme Pyre” at Pilsen’s Camera Ambassador on March 4.

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No Coast Cinema, Podcast Interview

This week on No Coast Cinema, Tom and Conor sit down with femme film collective Women of the Now, a business dedicated to promoting women of all identities in cinema. Members Layne Marie Williams, Nandi Mudiwa and Steph MacDonald discuss the story and mission of the company and talk about the massive importance of representation and intersectionality in the cinematic arts. They also share their thoughts on the business side of independent filmmaking, including how to connect with an audience, fundraising…

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Reel Chicago

Last weekend’s 2018 Women of the Now Anniversary Showcase inspired every emotion that people want from the movies while weaving a thread of feminism into an enjoyable afternoon matinee.

The superbly professional collection of shorts — presented on Sunday at the New 400 Theaters in Rogers Park — represented work from some of the most influential directors, producers, and actors in the film community.

The themes and settings were as bold and colorful as the world itself.

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